Work with davfs2 on Fedora CentOs RHEL

This post can be useful if you need to work with remote file system using davfs2 protocol.

To start work with it you should install davfs2 support using command:

# sudo yum install davfs2 -y

To start work you have to create mount point using command:

# sudo mkdir /mnt/drive_davfs2

Mount drive using command:

# sudo mount -t davfs /mnt/drive_davfs2

You will need to provide username and password to connect.

Now, you can work with remote DAVFS folder /mnt/drive_davfs2 as with local folder.

To view list of currently mounted filesystems use command:

# sudo mount -l

Then you don’t need remote folder you should unmount it using command:

# sudo umount /mnt/drive_davfs2