Plesk 11.0.9 for Linux: fix failed automatic update

If you can`t start Plesk 11.0.9 control panel for Linux using command:

# /sbin/service psa start

after failed automatic upgrade you can fix it using command:

# /usr/local/psa/bootstrapper/pp11.0.9-bootstrapper/ repair

Example commnad output:
Changing shell for popuser.
Shell not changed.
Changing shell for mhandlers-user.
Shell not changed.
===> Preparing upgrade
Stopping psa… done
psa is stopped
Stopping psa… done
===> Cumulative database upgrade has been started
===> Upgrade completed.
mknod: `/var/www/vhosts/chroot/dev/null’: File exists
===> Cumulative upgrade has been started
===> Upgrade completed.
Stopping psa… done
Starting xinetd service… done
Starting mysqld service… done
Starting named service… done
Starting postgresql service… not installed
Starting psa-spamassassin service… not installed
Plesk: Starting Mail Server… already started
Starting psa… done
Starting drwebd service… done

All stages of the upgrade were successful.
psa is now running on your system.
To complete the system configuration process, please proceed to URL: or
Use ‘admin’ and ‘‘ as login name and password.

Further, use the following commands to start and stop the system:
/etc/init.d/psa start and
/etc/init.d/psa stop respectively.

It should fix post-upgrade issues.
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