Git: list files between two commits


To display changes between two commits you need to know SHA sum of commit.
You can take it from

# git log

command output.

Example command output:

commit 5b75d2ecf30b2ee9b28ca1febf60fb96b4d8625c
Merge: 78ac4ff4 ccb47ced
Author: Author Name <>
Date:   Mon Feb 13 22:27:55 2017 +0000

    Commit description goes here...

commit 4b6197f19f8c196e246d6277059f1d784e635a67
Author: Author Name <>
Date:   Mon Feb 13 20:34:38 2017 +0600

    Another commit description goes here...

Then you can run command:

# git diff --name-only 4b6197f19f8c196e246d6277059f1d784e635a67 5b75d2ecf30b2ee9b28ca1febf60fb96b4d8625c

it will show you list of changed files.

Alternatively, you can also use command:

# git diff --name-only HEAD~7 HEAD~14

to see the difference between seventh and fourteenth latest commits.